Realistic Flowers in Pastel

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Продолжительность: 60 мин.

Год: 2022

Цена: 147 EUR

Статус: Сторонний продавец

Дополнительная информация:

This video will give you the skills to capture nature’s TRUE essence — a skill you can apply to almost anything you want to paint.
You can find the landing page here: and the product page here: .
Here’s what she’s also revealing inside this video:
-TWO detailed demonstrations of her paintings: Red Flower and Peonies
-How to liven up your paintings with fresh approaches you may not have thought of…
-How to use PanPastel to create large shapes/forms…
-The “multilayer” pastel secret to creating picturesque paintings…
-How to create engaging compositions…
-How to start right away with colors and skip the “preparation” stage…
-How to mix different shades and create a “transparent” effect
-The RIGHT way to use a sponge when painting flowers…
-How to see ALL the colors of the flower


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