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This Cookie Policy contains relevant information about our use of cookies, why we use cookies, and what are your rights.

A cookie file is a small piece of data created during the use of a website and recording information in the user’s web browser or on the device from which such website was accessed. Cookies stored on your device authenticate the computer or mobile device, and not a specific user, using randomly generated authentication scripts. Please visit these websites to find out more about cookies::

To ensure the efficient use of our website, your computer or mobile device need to receive cookies in the following cases:

-Booking a products or other service on our website.

-Collecting information to help us understand what you liked on our website and in our electronic newsletters and what you did not.

-To evaluate the efficiency of our website.

A standard cookie file contains information about identification of your web browser, not the user. This cookie remembers your settings, your browsing history on the website, optimises your use of the website, and saves your selected parameters.

Classification of cookies


“Strictly necessary” cookies are required to ensure the correct browsing through and use of the website features to:

-freely navigate throughout the website;

-remember the previous actions when the user returns to the page in the same session;

-ensure a safe user access to secure areas of the website and using the full scale of its features;

Cookies from this category collect none of your personal data. They are temporary and are deleted immediately after you close the browser.


Performance cookies are used for anonymous collection of statistics data, analysis of the website performance and quality of our services. This data includes:

-Web analytics. Counting the number of visitors to ensure sustainable and reliable operation;

-Error management. Measuring errors presented on the website and finding their causes in order to improve the website performance;

-Tracking technologies. Required to prevent any fraudulent actions and potential security risks;

-Testing designs. Testing various design options of our website;

We use Google Analytics to track performance data. This is an analytical web service provided by third party supplier Google, Inc. Information about the website use is regulated by Google Privacy Shield certification and the specific data processing agreement with Google. For detailed information, please visit the following page: Google Analytics and data privacy.


Functionality cookies are permanent and help personalise the website content according to the client’s selected preferences, and to:

-greet you by name;

-remember your choice of region and language;

-recognise your devices and authenticate the user;

-support location-based tools to identify your location;

Cookies in this category analyse your actions during the use of the website and do not contain any personal identifying data.


Targeted advertising cookies are intended to interact with third parties through tracking technology for content delivery, by placing on our behalf targeted ads matching your interests on our website and third party websites based on how you interact with the application, ads or content. This helps:

Cookies in this category are managed by third parties.

Managing cookies

You can refuse to accept, limit the use or completely remove cookies by customizing your browser accordingly. Your browser settings are available at the following links:





Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Other tracking technologies

By using social media icons, our clients can share a page or bookmark it. These icons are links to social media sites owned by third parties who, in turn, can record the information about your online activity, including on this website. Please read through the relevant terms and conditions of use and privacy policy of such websites to understand how they are using your data and how you can reject their use of your data and delete it.

Third party web services. Sometimes on our website we use third party web services to display images and videos, or make votes / polls. Just like in case with social media icons, we cannot prevent these website or external domains collecting the information about your use of the website.

Detailed information about cookies

Strictly necessary cookies

- PHPSESSID - Save the entered data in case of errors during data sending or page refreshing.

Performance cookies

- utma / utmb / utmc / utmt / utmz / ga / gat / gid - Google Analytics tracks the use of the website and user’s anonymous information.